Snowdonia camping Incredible

Incredible valley camping, or high up on a hill side with mountain, sea and castle views…..get the map out….look for the camping symbol and go!

We camped at

Llyn Gwynant campsite in Snowdonia close to the foot of Snowdon. The first time we went here was when Lilly was two and a half..i have only been here twice even though im desperate to return. Myself and Lilly did return in January..and we trecked through the deserted valley…even then it was incredible.

This was the best camping holiday ive been on..When i drove into Snowdonia i had to actually stop the car to take in the view, it was a dreamland. The campsite is on a lake, they Hire out Kayaks for elder children and adults. There is a stream running down the edge of the campsite and we camped next to this. This was one of the first times i had put up my tent..this was a dome tent (my advice..a tunnel – see camping tips) but i was learning..i have done a lot of learning over the years..i was justifyably nervous when the hippy looking guy said pitch anywhere…what a never been to a campsite when you could do this! In the same breath he said ‘ i love the Valley man, ‘ i will never leave.. i’d been there 10 minuites and i didnt want to leave…i pitched the tent Lilly helps me…

I am an explorer by nature…i cant sit still and so off we went to discover what there was to offer out here in this incredible place…and did we find it! My first though was Snowdonia…Mount Snowdon…how do we see that, more importantly how do i get up that?? For young children there is a tourist train that takes you up Snowdon. It really is very cute and its free for under 5’s, even so, with my 2 and half year old in tow we were walking down…no question. The view from the top is magnicficent..lakes and mountains and the sea??! so close??! this really was my dreamland and 5 hours from London?? I took a backpack child carrier and for the first part of the way down Lilly-May was in it, its slightly Rocky. From then on she walked…there is a small cafe on the way down which offers a welcome cup of tea and a flapjack! She didnt fall at all until we reached the very end of the walk where she tripped climbing into the car…

Llanberis is a great town to visit..we took a boat trip on the lake, again quite touristy but again with travel with children, you just do, she loved it.

So, the sea…i’d seen the to find it..i looked on my map (my advice always have a map..) and headed to Harlech.. Here there is the most beautiful beach, long white and sandy backed with sandunes and mountains…incredible. It was so incredible i decided that we must camp near here…i looked on the map and saw a camping symbol..i navigated and found the cutest farm with camping..Myrther Farm..they have since created a everything people have found out..but why not good for them! I just went here to check this out..The owner piled into my already packed Polo with little lilly squashed somewhere in the back. He was so keen to show me the field (thats all it was) and the views..from here you can see the castle…from here you can see snowdonia..from here the sea…i have never been so glad of my explorations. Two days later we stayed at the campsite. What a dream.

There are so many incredible walks, views and places to visit here. It is great for children. Lilly and i returned this January. I booked a log cabin (see page) and we donned our ski gear. This time i discovered south snowdonia. Wow!!!!! We had snowdonia pretty much to ourselves. Just drove and explored. Incredible surroundings. fantastic.


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