i did my first long haul with Lilly at 16 months on my own..SInce then she has been on a few long hauls and some short hauls…also on long car journeys..
1. A bag with enough nappies/wipes for the journey
2. Snacks…the healthy type of snacks from Boots are great..I remember Lilly making such a mess!
3. Milk cartons and two clean bottles
4. I took calpol on the flight as I was worried about take off and landing, lilly wont take it but if yours will its worth taking
5. A change of clothes, every time I end up changing Lilly as she spills something.
6. Take pyjamas..i put her in them to signal sleep time.
7. Books/toys/games/reading books/wipe clean colouring books
8. Ensure you ask for water for the take off…
9. A slumber suit is a good idea also try to get the bassinet seat, that way you will have room in front of your seat for them to play also.
10. The time of the flight does affect the flight, if you can try for a night flight.
11. An ipad if there will be no TV, we only got one a year ago…
12. You may want to take a small mat to signify their play space to them
13. If your baby is fussy as Lilly was you may want to take food in jars.
14. I now take Lilly’s reading book from school or we practice writing in her wipe clean books.
15. Music, download onto your ipod and get a pair of kid friendly headphones! (also good for the ipad so they dont annoy the person in front)
16. A sling to carry the smaller children..sometimes the walks through airports can be long
17.make sure that your hand luggage is a backpack as if you have to carry them through the airport you need spare hands!


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