Top tips when camping

irelandCamping Tips!!.
Top tips for camping with a car!!!!

I camp on my own with my daughter. I also persuaded my good friend and her daughter to camp with us last summer, we are going again this summer!!!
I have put together a few tips but there is so much more advice I could give.
I will write another page on camping in Europe (myself and my daughter drove to Croatia camping all the way two years ago for six weeks) and another on camping in the UK.

Please email me or post any questions on my timeline…

Always buy a tent that is slightly bigger…so, it there are two of you, buy a three man tent and so on…Myself and my daughter have a three man tunnel tent.

• Get a tent with a porch. See the pic of ours…this is great for a rainy morning

• Take a blanket with a waterproof base. This is great to put in the porch of the tent.

• Look at the Hydrostatic head when buying a tent (how waterproof the tent is) of over 3000, this way you will be sure that your tent will be waterproof. Mountain Warehouse may be good for some things, but their tents aren’t great. Blacks however do great own label tents.

• Tunnel tents are much better in the wind., let’s face it, there is always wind!! If you need a larger tent there are still tunnel versions around.

• Is where you’re going windy? You may need a wind break.

• Take a mallet

• You can also buy this great device to take out the pegs! (Mountain Warehouse do a good one)

-Taking a lantern is a great idea.

-Get your children involved in setting up the tent. Lilly loves it and it gives them a sense of purpose and responsibility.

• Arrive early….you can’t book at most campsites…call on the way to check there is a pitch. Have a plan B.

• When you arrive…walk around and look for a pitch….Get one of your children to hold the pitch for you! The campsites with the unmarked pitches are the better value for money sites.

• Do not take a blow up mattress…you are camping!! We take Roll Matts and a duvet cover. And two sleeping bags. Extra blankets if needed. Real pillows make all the difference.

• My daughter loves her pink sleeping bag!

• Get a camping stove. It’s great to be able to cook up some bacon or have a cup of coffee in the morning. Get a camping pan set – Mountain Warehouse does a good value set! I also have a kettle. I keep all my camping cooking gear in a plastic box, so it is easy to get up and go each time and stay tidy (not my strongest point)
• Pack up easy to cook food staples to take with you…pasta/rice/sauces/beans/noodles/tinned vedge.
– You can buy fresh vedge/fruit/cheese etc when you arrive.

Take a washing up bowl and washing up liquid and a cloth.

Take bin bags

• Get a plug in cool box….if travelling with a car! You can keep everything cool, milk, butter, beer! etc…

-We camp with a table that has extendable legs. I bought mine in Mountain Warehouse…Its great as it doubles up as a low table inside the tent and a table you can sit around outside the tent.
, Lilly would often have her breakfast off this inside the tent on a rainy day or do her colouring.

Take a good LED Torch, there are great Kids animal wind up torches around. Lilly loved hers.

It’s a good idea to have a separate bag that you use just for the shower. Remember that you need to take an extra bag to the shower for the dirty clothes. I make the shower a fun adventure for Lilly and a bit of an occasion!

-story books/toys/Lego/craft set/A football/tennis/games/wipe clean books/

-travel wash, some campsites have a laundry room, it depends where you are

• Many mums who would like to camp on their own with their children enquire about safety. This is a fair point. We have camped a fair amount over the years and I have always felt safe. I do use a padlock (combination) one, I padlock the zip in the night. This may sound ridiculous but its gives me an extra sense of security.
• Cool camping is a great camping guide!
• Do your research!
• Don’t be afraid to move to another campsite in the area..or get your map out and look for the camping symbol
• look for campsites that are smaller…they are usually cheaper!
– Take a Sat nav


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