Travelling mum @justustravels Top 10 things to take camping with children…

1. A plug in cool box…to keep the milk, butter, beer! Cool…
2. A cool bag, I’ve just discovered ‘Friopacks’ for when you are out and about
3. Colours and a colouring book/wipe clean books/lego/their own backpack with toys/cards/games/puzzles
4. Wind up LED animal torches
5. A beach UV tent – doubles up as a play tent
6. Waterproof backed picnic rug
7. A Sat Nav – this way you know exactly how long it will take you to get somewhere!
8. Kids music
9. A potty if that age!! I potty trained Lilly camping
10. A fun sleeping bag! – Lilly loves her pink one!
11. A cuddly toy..just the one.but a bit of a home comfort
12. An ipad…
13. At least three story books
14. Games – sticky ball/tennis/football/bat and ball
15. Chairs..their own little camping chair
16. Their cereal bowls and plates and those multipack small cereal packs are great
17. A water bottle for the night so it doesn’t spill
18. Their own little wash bag set to take to the shower.
19. A travel cot..if needed, there are some great ones on the market
20. UV suit/hat


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